My version of WhatsApp is completely based my view of a perfect WhatsApp design, for example I changed the colors, the main color is good green now and the secondary color, also known as the accent and action colors, is Pixel blue. Since I use Gboard by Google I didn't need an in-app emoji selector because Gboard does already have an emoji selector and a gif searcher so that button got removed, also I didn't see the use of a camera button since there's already a camera option in the attachment menu, so I removed that too. I did tweak some more small things like the ticks, app icon, the notification icons and the in-app sounds for sending and receiving messages and that wasn't all yet.

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WhatsAppTR beta 9: (base: 2.17.260)
• Updated base to WhatsApp 2.17.260 • Bug fixes

WhatsAppTR beta 8: (base: 2.17.219)
• Updated base to WhatsApp 2.17.219
• Android O emojis!
• Bug fixes

WhatsAppTR beta 7: (base: 2.17.125)
• Updated base to WhatsApp 2.17.179

WhatsAppTR beta 6: (base: 2.17.125)
• Updated base to WhatsApp 2.17.125
• New internal videoplayer
• Bug fixes

WhatsAppTR beta 5: (base: 2.17.113)
• Updated base to WhatsApp 2.17.113
• From now on you are able to logout on only one WhatsApp web computer

WhatsAppTR beta 4: (base: 2.17.112)
• Updated base to WhatsApp 2.17.112
• Fixed Gboard GIF sender

WhatsAppTR beta 3: (base: 2.17.111)
• Fixed expended entry

WhatsAppTR beta 2: (base: 2.17.111)
• Updated base to WhatsApp 2.17.111
• Fixed action mode statusbar color

WhatsAppTR beta 1: (base: 2.17.109)
• Recolored to good green (primary) and pixel blue (accent and action)
• New icon
• Better entry, no emoji or camera button (only attachment)
• New in-chat send and receive sounds
• Changed notification icon
• Changed in-chat and list ticks
• Changed camera icon on home to a more material one
• Changed big heart to the new emoji style
• Works with WA Tweaks too
More coming soon...

WARNING: Made for xxhdpi devices, most of it should work on other dpi's too (more dpi support soon)