About me

Hello, my name is Tycho Regter and this is my website. I'm a 17-years-old boy from The Netherlands, I speak Dutch and English and I'm really into the world of tech and like photographing, that's why these things are the things you can find on my socials. In my free time I shoot photos, go outisde and mod WhatsApp, you can find this mod on my website too. I hope you enjoy the website.


Instagram is the place where I share photos of places where I've been, for example Paris, The Costa Brava and Amsterdam, also I share more personal photos like selfies on Instagram.


Facebook is my most personal social media. If you want to become friends on facebook and want to see more of my personal life you're free to send me a friendrequest.


I'm really active on Google+. I use Google+ to share my projects, tech news, screenshots and most of the time Android and tech related posts, so if you're interested in that kind of posts you should definitely check it out.


I use WhatsApp everyday so if you need a quick response or have a quick question you have a big change you'll get the fastest response on WhatsApp, most of the time within a few hours. I won't reply if you don't speak Dutch or English and also I will block spammers and annoying people.